How To Design Your Own Business Cards

How To Design Your Own Business Cards
March 10, 2016 createthecut

Creating business cards can be quite challenging. We are going to share with you 4 tips on designing your own.

Step 1 – Make an Impression

First off it is important that you already have a brand identity before you start. You should have already designed your logo, if you haven’t make sure to do this step first. Start of by having a concept of how you would like your business cards to look. Remember that sharing a business card with someone is often the first thing that they will see and they will make an assumption about your business straight away, so first impressions count! Think about what you want your client or customer to feel when they take a card from you…is it unique, quirky, unconventional, elegant, stylish, fun or modern? Remember no matter what, you definitely want them to be of good quality and look professional.
To do this think about where you will get your cards printed, you can choose an online printers or get them done in a print shop. Think about your paper options, the thickness of your cards can make a difference, 250gsm – 300gsm is pretty standard but if you can go thicker they will have a really nice impact. If you have a little more money to spend why not try incorporating foiling, embossing/debossing, rounded corners, textured card or an unusual die-cut shape.

Step 2 – Content

You want it to be clear how your customer or client can contact you or further look into your business. Things that are common to include are – Your Name or Business Name, Address or Office Location, Telephone or Mobile Number, Email and Website. You might also want to include any social media accounts that you are active on. Don’t clutter your card with information, just choose what is most useful.

Step 3 – Layout

This step is really important. Take your time to design the layout of your card. You might want to utilise the front and back of the card to keep your card looking clear and informative. When designing your card it is important that you leave room around your edges to be trimmed off. Make sure your design goes right to the edge of your card and keep your text away from the edges. Many online companies give you a free template to work from which is ideal for making sure your design is print worthy.

Step 4 – Design

You want your logo or company name to really stand out and be clear. Make sure to use fonts that are legible and large enough to be able to read. Choose colours that will show up well when printing, especially when it comes to your text colour.  Make sure you design your business card in CMYK colour as this is best for printing.
Have fun putting your ideas together and don’t forget to be proud of your finished card by sharing them as much as you can with others!


Why not watch our tutorial (shown above) on how we designed a business card?
We got our cards from an online company called
Download a template from them – UK Version/US Version
Artwork used from our Inka Design Kit.
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