You can be paralyzed waiting for the perfect opportunity or the ideal circumstance to begin a project. This can sometimes be to the detriment of the creative pursuit. What if I fail? What if it’s not good enough? What if I can’t meet my own exacting standards? What if people laugh?

The paralysis can stop us from ever starting at all, we may feel that what we produce is never going to compare with those who are doing similar things around us. We ourselves have had to battle feelings similar to those.

Imposter syndrome can be intimidating. What do I have to say? What do I have to add? Why is my product worthwhile? With a defeatist attitude the battle has already been lost.

The truth is there is a place for each and every one of us in this world but many of us don’t allow ourselves to find that place for fear of trying.

Without taking that first step we will never find out what we are truly capable of.

Take for instance our situation, last year we decided that we wanted to start creating videos. We began our YouTube channel a little over 4 months ago but really never started putting out content until the turn of the year. Now we have almost 90 subscribers and that number is slowly on the increase. Although it’s a small number it is most definitely a start.

Why do people follow? It’s certainly not because of we have great production and clever camera work, people are there because they want their questions answered and focused learning time. Sure it’s weird and a little embarrassing to hear your own voice back and it’s been a massive learning curve for us both with new software’s and hardware but the results are paying off. This is not down to any cleverness on our part, but we can say it’s because we tried. We didn’t allow our lack of knowledge to prevent us from creating video, yes we researched and applied what we had learned before we started to produce video but as we continue to create video we continue to learn. For sure we will never be 20th Century Fox but we have not let that stop us. That is not our goal or our purpose. Our motive is to interact with and increase the knowledge of others, and if we do this clearly and honestly then people respect that. That is how we plan for growth by giving away free and valuable content that answers specific problems and that shares our skills.

That is just one personal example, if we had never started to create videos then thats 90 individuals that we not have been able to help and increase their knowledge. If we held back until we learned everything there is to know about film and indeed the content that we are teaching then we would probably never feel confident enough to start. Really the lesson is: Go for it! Wherever you are in your creative journey, if you have an idea but are waiting for that perfect moment to arrive, then you need to realise now is that moment. Start now and allow it to gain traction organically. Many of the creatives that we view as successful may look like an overnight sensation but I assure you there has been many years of hard work leading up to that point, so why hold yourself back any longer. Go for it! But most of all have fun while doing it. Never lose the fun, it’s what makes your creative idea unique.

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