Let Your Imagination Bloom

Writers block? Uninspired? Frustration? Blank? Yes, it happens to us all. It can be hard to keep coming up with something fresh and new all the time! However, there is much to keep us inspired and we have put together 3 simple steps to help the inspiration flow:

1. Streamline your browsing time

Today we live in a world where we are bombarded with images; Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google and many more. These places can be great to help inspire but they can also have the opposite effect on us. How many times have you been surfing and by the end of it you feel overwhelmed with new ideas and no clear direction? To help with this why not start browsing with a clear intent.

For example: You are a designer looking to make a new wedding invitation suite, perhaps you normally browse your feed, see a tonne of designs and then feel overwhelmed with what is already out there. Why not start with a purpose. Decide what you would like to make or design. Say you decide to do an invitation based on the seaside. Start browsing seaside related things; shells, water, coral, rock etc.   Get some ideas down on paper. Don’t be tempted to just search wedding beach invitation, as this will stint your coming up with new ideas that are unique to you.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Surfing the web can be great for coming up with new ideas but it can also make us feel unworthy. That designer can do it so much better than me, why am I even bothering?! It is great to see what others are doing and to keep a look out for latest trends but do not compare yourself to others. You also have your own voice. We are all unique in our thought processes and creative outputs so start realising that you have something to give, something to share and something for others to enjoy. Don’t let the fact that you have just started this process stop you. Yes, you will be less experienced than someone who has been doing this for 20 years but you will have a fresh approach and that is worth something.

3. Get outside

Being a designer, artist or whatever creative outlet you have, it can be easy to get caught up on a project or just feel stuck. Why not take a break, get outside into the fresh air and let nature be an inspiration to you. Go and do something active and it will help clear your mind. It is all to easy for your brain to get cluttered and so give it some down time. You never know what new ideas might surface.

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