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Sometimes to get to where you want to go, you need to change direction.

This business has been a huge learning experience for both of us. We are constantly trying to assess what will be best for our amazing customers and our little business.

In January 2016 we launched a monthly Design Challenge, the aim was to have a space where people felt inspired, motivated and energized to create and try new things. At the start of each month a new Design Kit is launched and participants are encouraged to upload a creation using elements from the Kit. The response has been great and we have thoroughly enjoyed being able to host this challenge, it really has been such a joy to see all of the talent and love put into each and every design. However, as we look to the future and our goals for Create the Cut we have decided to gently change direction, at least for now!

This new direction is going to be focused on teaching what we know and what we have learned along the way, really helping people to start designing and gain confidence in their own abilities.

We have loved the Design Challenge but looking objectively over the last 6 months we can see that we have spread ourselves a little too thin. If you run your own business I am sure you can relate to the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and the never ending to do list. We have realised that we can’t focus our attention on everything! So for now we are going to be saying “goodbye” to the Design Challenge (for the moment) and “hello” to a new focus, that of expanding our blog and connecting with you all better.

We have absolutely loved the journey so far and from feedback that we have received the Design Kits are very much enjoyed, so these will be staying and the early bird pricing for the first month of its release will still apply.

The July Design Challenge is now live and will end on midnight July 31st, so join us if you are up for the Challenge!

Thank you for supporting our creative adventure!

Danny & Aurelia