How to brand your Etsy shop

How to brand your Etsy shop
March 31, 2016 createthecut
How to design an Etsy Banner / Cover Photo – PIXLR Tutorial

Use free software to design your own Etsy Banner / Cover Photo. We show you some basic editing techniques in PIXLR (A free to use online editing program) and how to use clip art in creating your branding. The techniques used here are useful for creating any type of branding.

On the 5th of April 2016 Etsy will go through a major overhaul that will require all shop owners to make some significant decisions about how their shop will look to customers. The new look is one of larger images with easy to navigate and scroll through pages. This makes sense, we all want our customers to browse our shop in the format that is most comfortable and convenient to them. Mobile browsing and purchasing makes up a large portion of shop footfall these days so it is good to see Etsy meet this demand with an easy and pleasant user interface. For some this is a welcome change but for others, change is just one extra thing to deal with in our busy routine.

That’s why we have put together all the need to know information for branding your Etsy shop so you can get on with creating your products.

To banner or not to banner!?

1. Small Banner – Size: 760px by 100px
This is the minimum size but we recommend 1520px by 200px for retina displays

This banner is the same dimensions as the original Etsy banner only now it will not appear on mobile devices. So if you go for this option ensure any important information that is contained within your banner is also relayed somewhere in your shop.

2. Cover Photo – Size: 1200px by 300px
This is the minimum size but we recommend 2400px by 600px for retina displays

Cover photos are an ideal space to have your branding and display a few product ideas, this space can be really helpful in setting the tone of your shop. This will be visible on both computers and mobile devices.

3. None – No size needed!

The other option is to have no banner or cover photo. Etsy suggests this will allow greater focus on your products. While this may seem the easiest solution if you are trying to build a brand then we highly recommend you do not go with this option.

Establishing a brand with your icon

Shop Icon – Size: 500px by 500px

Ensure to use something here that represents your business perhaps a photo or logo. When using text try to keep it to a minimum as this small space can easily look cluttered. Your image must be in jpg, gif or png file format and must not exceed 10mb.

Introduce yourself

Owner Photo – Size: 400px by 400px

As this is a handmade marketplace people who shop here are interested in the story behind a product, you the owner are part of that story, so don’t shy away. Let your customers put a face to the name. (A smiley one of course!) Your image must be in jpg, gif or png file format and must not exceed 10mb. It’s also important to remember this image will be cropped automatically to fit a circle.

Shop Member – Size: 200px by 200px

Introduce your team, images here can be jpg or png file format. This image will be cropped to fit a circle so keep that in mind.

About images – Size: 760px by 468px

Add up to 5 photos or your workspace, process or something that might inspire your buyers, you can also include a caption giving more details.

Video – Maximum size: 3oomb

Upload a video introducing yourself, your team and explain your creative process.


Here are a few shops with some nice design layout…