• May312016

    Designing with Pantone 2016 colours

    Way back in 1963 a very forward thinking individual named Lawrence Herbert saw a problem in the graphic art community. He insightfully understood that the colour spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each person. This lead to a problem, the ability to accurately identify, communicate and match colour…

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  • Mar312016

    How to brand your Etsy shop

    We have put together all the need to know information for branding your Etsy shop so you can get on with creating your products.

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  • Mar102016

    How To Design Your Own Business Cards

    Creating business cards can be quite challenging. We are going to share with you 4 tips on designing your own.

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  • Oct192015

    How to open a zip file

    What is a zip file?

    All our artwork, when downloaded comes in a .zip file. This means that the file has been “compressed” so that it will be faster to download. Think of it like “deflating” an inflatable bed, once you let all the air out and fold it up, it is much smaller and easier to transport. The term that is used to describe this process is “zipping” a file….

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  • Jun192015

    What is clip art?

    What is clip art? I have fond memories from my childhood, collecting together old newspapers, magazines and catalogues from our…

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