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We are a husband and wife duo based in Scotland, UK. Our mission is to fill your creative world with unique and colourful graphics.


“I love looking at how nature uses colour, texture and order to create beautiful scenes organically, this provides fresh ideas almost every time. It’s not about recreating these things identically either, it’s about capturing the feeling of whatever it is you’re doing.”

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Aurelia Thomson

My name is Aurelia and I create most of the artwork. If you haven’t already noticed flowers are my passion! I have been drawing and painting them since I was little and I’m so happy to still be doing it now! I have never had any formal training in art, design, graphics, illustration or anything computer based for that matter but I have always enjoyed improving and learning new skills. After looking for graphics for one of my own side projects I decided to try and turn some of my hand painted designs into a digital format. I loved the process of seeing something created on paper now appear on my computer screen so I decided to start selling my designs. In February 2013 I opened up an Etsy shop and never looked back. Now I’m delighted to work from my home studio, creating, learning and designing with my husband.

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Daniel Thomson

My name is Danny, I’m the loyal sidekick who over the past few years has been sucked into a world of fun with my best friend and partner in business. With a background in computing and 9 years experience in running a small business of my own, I’m now a happy member of the Create the Cut team. Sharing Aurelia’s passion for art and the desire to learn new skills has given me the drive to help expand Create the Cut and see where this adventure will take us.

Paints, ink and a messy desk...

Working from our home studio

"Your items are truly amazing! So detailed, so beautiful, one can tell you put your heart into what you do. Your items are all original and different. One of my favourite parts about visiting your shop!"

- Katy Bristow

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